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ទំព័រគំរូ:សារ ទំព័រគំរូ វិគីភីឌា/doc


This is the {{Wikipedia template messages}} navigation box.

It is suitable for transcluding at the bottoms of template messages and its subpages. The search link in the bottom row of the template uses {{Google custom}}.

This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopaedic content.

This is a simple navigation template based on {{Navbox}} that takes an optional state parameter:

{{Wikipedia template messages}}

How to manage this template's initial visibility
To manage this template's visibility when it first appears, add the parameter:

|state=collapsed to show the template in its collapsed state, i.e. hidden apart from its titlebar – e.g. {{សារ ទំព័រគំរូ វិគីភីឌា |state=collapsed}}
|state=expanded to show the template in its expanded state, i.e. fully visible – e.g. {{សារ ទំព័រគំរូ វិគីភីឌា |state=expanded}}
|state=autocollapse to show the template in its collapsed state but only if there is another template of the same type on the page – e.g. {{សារ ទំព័រគំរូ វិគីភីឌា |state=autocollapse}}

Unless set otherwise (see the |state= parameter in the template's code), the template's default state is autocollapse.


The search link at the bottom of the template uses {{Google custom}} to search on វិគីភីឌា:Template messages subpage tree. The search may fail to cover pages that are outside the subpage tree, such as វិគីភីឌា:Wikimedia sister projects which appears on the template, but is not a subpage of វិគីភីឌា:Template messages.

If any subpages originally existed as pages outside the subpage tree, and if the original pages still exist as redirects to the newer subpages, Google may continue to consider the redirect pages as the "real" pages, and the current pages as duplicates for Google to ignore.

Wikipedia has no control over how Google decides to index pages. If you cannot find a template that you are sure appears on one of the template message subpages, you can try one of the more general searches with {{Google custom}}, such as a search on Wikipedia's Wikipedia: namespace.