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Пророк Иеремия, Микеланжело Буонаротти.jpg
Jeremiah, as depicted by Michelangelo from the Sistine Chapel ceiling
កើត អាណាថោត
ស្លាប់ អេហ្ស៊ីប
អាជីព ហោរា
មាតាបិតា ហ៊ីលគីយ៉ា

Jeremiah (/ɛrɪˈm.ə//ɛrˈm.ə/; ភាសា[១] ទំព័រគំរូ:Lang-he-nיִרְמְיָהוּទំព័រគំរូ:Lang-he-n, ភាសាខ្មែរ: ឆេរេមាស ទំព័រគំរូ:IPA-he, Tiberian: Yirmĭyāhū; ភាសា GreekἸερεμίας; អារ៉ាប់إرمياIrmiyā meaning "Yah Exalts"), also called the "Weeping prophet",[២] was one of the major prophets of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). According to Jewish tradition, Jeremiah authored the Book of Jeremiah, the Books of Kings and the Book of Lamentations,[៣] with the assistance and under the editorship of Baruch ben Neriah, his scribe and disciple.


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