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ទំព័រគំរូ:Centralized discussion

Centralized discussion
Proposals Discussions Recurring proposals
  • Discussion on removing block notices from user talkpages.
  • Proposal to establish a minimum prep-time for main-page blurbs
  • Proposal to make all subsidiary MOS pages subpages of WP:MOS
  • Proposal to elevate WP:MILMOS/N from Essay status to Guideline status.
  • RfC on a proposed new exemption from the three-revert rule
  • Final proposal on implementing changes to the dispute resolution process, following previous discussion
  • RfC on whether images of historical importance must themselves be the "subjects of commentary" before we can claim fair use for them
  • Poll to gain consensus on use of hyphens and dashes in relation to a request for arbitration
  • RfC on improving account security
  • Proposal to suspend sysop rights after one year of inactivity due to recent security concerns
  • RfC on how to improve enforcement of non-free content issues
  • RfC on changing the requests for bureaucratship promotion threshold

Note: inactive discussions, closed or not, should be archived.
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