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This template flags an article for the attention of an expert in that subject. It has the option of being assigned to a specific subcategory of Category:Articles needing expert attention, depending on the topic of the article. These subcategories are named after Wikipedia:WikiProjects. Important: After adding this template to an article, please state on the article's talk page the issue that you think an expert needs to address. Unexplained expert tags may be simply removed.

1. Add the name of WikiProject as the first parameter, e.g., {{Expert-subject|Technology}}.

2. A second parameter may be used to override the text "article or section" with, for example, "section", "diagram" or "paragraph".

3. If you have started a discussion on the article's talk page, you may link to that discussion with a third parameter, "talk=", using the section title of the discussion. E.g., {{Expert-subject|Technology|documentation|talk=Section title goes here}}

4. The date of adding the template may be the next parameter, as date=ខែកក្កដា ២០២៤.

After adding this template, start a section on the article discussion page describing what you wish the expert to address. {{Expert-talk}} may be used for this purpose. If the issue is of some urgency, you could also post a notice at the WikiProject you included in the template.