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This page lists articles that did not exist but which had incoming links from 20 or more other articles as of December 2010.

Note that "What links here" counts the number of pages in all namespaces that link to a given target, but this listing counts the number of pages in the main namespace only and does not include templates. These are dealt with separately at វិគីភីឌា:Templates with red links.

Most wanted articles[កែប្រែ]

July 2011 lists[កែប្រែ]

[UPDATING] Fresh lists of missing pages with the greatest number of incoming links, generated on December 4th 2010. Where a red link arises on a template, it is only counted once, no matter how many pages that template is transcluded into. That said, link counts are at best an approximation. The list has been roughly subdivided by an automated process - it is likely that they will need further sorting by hand. - TB (talk) 11:11, 5 December 2010 (UTC)


  1. Fusininae – 248 links - Redirects to family of snails but can easily be an article of itself. Remove once own article created. [១]
  2. Richard Klitzing – 217 links -- (runs a website that is cited in a series of articles, should probably be de-linked) YesY រូចរាល់-someone went through and delinked i


  1. 2004_Summer_Olympics_national_flag_bearers – 201 links
  2. 1996_Summer_Olympics_opening_ceremony – 182 links


  1. Parliament_of_Nakhchivan – 140 links
  2. Parliament_of_Akrotiri_and_Dhekelia – 140 links
  3. LII_Legislature_of_the_Mexican_Congress – 64 links


  1. Climate_of_Nakhchivan – 129 links
  2. Climate_of_South_Ossetia – 129 links
  3. Cuisine_of_Sakha_Republic – 61 links


  1. Victoria_University_of_Wellington_Antarctic_Expedition – 100 links
  2. List_of_universities_in_Asia – 56 links
  3. List_of_universities_in_Sakha_Republic – 53 links
  4. List_of_universities_in_South_Ossetia – 53 links


  1. List_of_companies_of_Kazakhstan – 75 links
  2. List_of_companies_of_Northern_Cyprus – 74 links
  3. List_of_companies_of_the_Isle_of_Man – 40 links - No refs


Associated WikiProject: Record Labels


Associated WikiProject: WP:BIOGRAPHY

  1. Basshunter (en)
  2. Avinash Sardev
  3. Simha Varman II23 articles with 23 links – updated from 2007-09-08 data (King of Pallava, India)
  4. Robert H. Brower23 articles (+2) with 23 links (+2) – updated from 2007-09-08 data (Japanese poetry expert)
  5. Myke Collins23 articles with 23 links – updated from 2007-09-08 data (astronomer) - member of the Orange County Astronomers

Possibly unwanted articles[កែប្រែ]

These are articles that have been deleted in the past, so there may be good reason not to re-create them. Note that a particular version may have been deleted as a copyright violation, or may have been created as a nonsense article or test, so a new version of the article may still be wanted. Furthermore, references showing notability might have become available since the article was deleted, and consensus can change - WP:CCC.

With respect to genuinely unwanted articles, options include creating a disambiguation page or redirect page, or updating the incoming links from the referring articles (or de-linking them entirely).

To help people find this project, consider using an edit summary like the following:
Creating most wanted articles - [[វិគីភីឌា:Most wanted articles|You can help!]]