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ក្រុមបាល់ទាត់ជម្រើសជាតិ ជប៉ុន

Shirt badge/Association crest
(Samurai Blue)
(Zac Japan)
(Japan Football Association)
អនុសហព័ន្ធEAFF (East Asia)
សហព័ន្ធAFC (Asia)
គ្រូបង្វឹកAlberto Zaccheroni
ប្រធានក្រុមMakoto Hasebe
Most capsYasuhito Endō (144)
Top scorerKunishige Kamamoto (80)
កីឡដ្ឋានចាំផ្ទះSaitama Stadium 2002
កូដប្រទេស FIFAJPN
ចំណាត់ថ្នាក់ FIFA46 increase 1
ចំណាត់ថ្នាក់ FIFA ខ្ពស់បំផុត9 (February 1998)
ចំណាត់ថ្នាក់ FIFA ទាបបំផុត66 (December 1992)
ចំណាត់ថ្នាក់ Elo25
ចំណាត់ថ្នាក់ Elo ខ្ពស់បំផុត8 (August 2001, March 2002)
ចំណាត់ថ្នាក់ Elo ទាបបំផុត112 (September 1962)
First colours
Second colours
 ជប៉ុន 0–5 China តៃវ៉ាន់
(Tokyo; 9 May 1917)
 ជប៉ុន 15–0 ហ្វីលីពីន [[File:{{{flag alias-1936}}}|23x15px|border |alt=|link=]]
(Tokyo; 27 September 1967)
 ជប៉ុន 2–15 ហ្វីលីពីន 
(Tokyo; 10 May 1917)
World Cup
បង្ហាញខ្លួន5 (First in 1998)
លទ្ធផលល្អបំផុតRound of 16: 2002, 2010
Asian Cup
បង្ហាញខ្លួន7 (First in 1988)
លទ្ធផលល្អបំផុតChampions: 1992, 2000, 2004, 2011
Copa América
បង្ហាញខ្លួន1 (First in 1999)
លទ្ធផលល្អបំផុតRound 1: 1999
Confederations Cup
បង្ហាញខ្លួន4 (First in 1995)
លទ្ធផលល្អបំផុតRunners-up: 2001

The Japan national football team (サッカー日本代表 Soccer Nippon Daihyō?) represents Japan in association football and is operated by the Japan Football Association (JFA), the governing body for association football in Japan. Their head coach is Alberto Zaccheroni.

Japan is one of the most successful football team in Asia, having qualified for the last five consecutive FIFA World Cups with second round advancements in 2002 & 2010, and having won the AFC Asian Cup a record four times in 1992, 2000, 2004 & 2011. The team has also finished second in the 2001 FIFA Confederations Cup.

The Japanese team is commonly known by the fans and media as Soccer Nippon Daihyō (サッカー日本代表?), Nippon Daihyō (日本代表?), or Daihyō (代表?) as abbreviated expressions. Although the team does not have an official nickname as such, it is often known by the name of the manager. For example, under Takeshi Okada, the team was known as Okada Japan (岡田ジャパン Okada Japan?).[១] Recently the team has been known or nicknamed as the "Samurai Blue", while Japanese news media still refer it to by manager's last name, as "Zaccheroni Japan" (ザッケローニジャパン Zakkerōni Japan?), or "Zac Japan" (ザックジャパン Zakku Japan?) in short.


  1. A common methodology of nickname creation is done by taking the last name of incumbent head coach followed by "Japan". Past teams have been referred to as, "Osim Japan" (オシムジャパン Oshimu Japan?), "Zico Japan" (ジーコジャパン Jīko Japan?), "Troussier Japan" (トルシエジャパン Torushie Japan?)


1988 អារ៉ាប៊ីសាអ៊ូឌីត 
Champions Of Asia
1992 ជប៉ុន  (1st Title)
1996 អារ៉ាប៊ីសាអ៊ូឌីត 
1996 អារ៉ាប៊ីសាអ៊ូឌីត 
Champions Of Asia
2000 ជប៉ុន  (2nd Title)
2004 ជប៉ុន 
2000 ជប៉ុន 
Champions Of Asia
2004 ជប៉ុន  (3rd Title)
2007 អ៊ីរ៉ាក់ 
2007 អ៊ីរ៉ាក់ 
Champions Of Asia
2011 ជប៉ុន  (4th Title)
2001 Ichiro Suzuki
Japan Professional Sports Grand Prize
2002 Japan National Football Team
2003 Hideki Matsui

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