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វិគីភីឌា:Barnstars 2.0/Awards by WikiProject

ពានរង្វាន់វិគីភីឌា (Wikipedia Awards)
*Barnstars on Wikipedia

A WikiProject award is awarded for work on a WikiProject, or work of substantial interest to those members of that WikiProject. Once the members of a given project have decided on what form their project star should take it can be added here.

Awards by WikiProject[កែប្រែ]

Image What to type WikiProject
The Anime Barnstar
{{subst:The Anime Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Anime BarnstarThe Anime Barnstar

WikiProject Anime and manga

The Apple Barnstar
{{subst:The Apple Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Apple BarnstarThe Apple Barnstar

WikiProject Apple

The Barnstar Barnstar
{{subst:The Barnstar Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Barnstar BarnstarThe Barnstar Barnstar

WikiProject Wikipedia Awards

The Baseball Barnstar
{{subst:The Baseball Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Baseball BarnstarThe Baseball Barnstar

WikiProject Baseball

The Biography Barnstar
{{subst:The Biography Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Biography BarnstarThe Biography Barnstar

WikiProject Biography

The Burkie Barnstar
{{subst:Burkie Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Burkie BarnstarThe Burkie Barnstar

WikiProject Conservatism

The Business and Economics Barnstar
{{subst:The Business and Economics Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Business and Economics BarnstarThe Business and Economics Barnstar

WikiProject Business and WikiProject Economics

The Classical Barnstar
{{subst:The Classical Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Classical BarnstarThe Classical Barnstar

WikiProject Classical music.

The Copyright Barnstar
{{subst:The Copyright Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Copyright BarnstarThe Copyright Barnstar

WikiProject Copyright Cleanup

The Cultural Heritage of Serbia Barnstar
{{subst:The Cultural Heritage of Serbia Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Cultural Heritage of Serbia BarnstarThe Cultural Heritage of Serbia Barnstar

WikiProject Cultural Heritage of Serbia

The Disability Barnstar
{{subst:The Disability Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Transhumanism BarnstarThe Disability Barnstar

WikiProject Disability

The Environment Barnstar
{{subst:The Environment Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Environment BarnstarThe Environment Barnstar

WikiProject Environment

The Essex Barnstar
{{subst:The Essex Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Essex BarnstarThe Essex Barnstar

WikiProject Essex

The Fencing Barnstar
{{subst:The Fencing Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Fencing BarnstarThe Fencing Barnstar

WikiProject Fencing

The Freemasonry Barnstar
{{subst:The Freemasonry Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Freemasonry BarnstarThe Freemasonry Barnstar

WikiProject Freemasonry

The Food Barnstar
{{subst:The Food Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Food BarnstarThe Food Barnstar

WikiProject Food and drink

The Football Barnstar
{{subst:The Football Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Football BarnstarThe Football Barnstar

WikiProject Football

The Galactic Republic Barnstar of Merit
{{subst:The Galactic Republic Barnstar of Merit|message ~~~~}} Galactic Republic Barnstar of MeritThe Galactic Republic Barnstar of Merit

WikiProject Star Wars

The Harry Potter Barnstar
{{subst:The Harry Potter Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Harry Potter BarnstarThe Harry Potter Barnstar

WikiProject Harry Potter

Hinduism Award
{{subst:Hinduism Award|message ~~~~}} Hinduism AwardHinduism Award

WikiProject Hinduism

The Human Rights Barnstar
{{subst:The Human Rights Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Human Rights BarnstarThe Human Rights Barnstar

WikiProject Human rights and WikiProject Liberalism

The LGBT Barnstar
{{subst:The LGBT Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} LGBT BarnstarThe LGBT Barnstar

WikiProject LGBT studies

The Linux Barnstar
{{subst:The Linux Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Linux BarnstarThe Linux Barnstar

WikiProject Linux

The Mammal Barnstar
{{subst:Mammal barnstar|message ~~~~}} Mammal BarnstarThe Mammal Barnstar

WikiProject Mammals

The Medic Barnstar
{{subst:The Medic Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Medic BarnstarThe Medic Barnstar

WikiProject Medicine

The OWS Barnstar
{{subst:WP OWS Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Occupy Wall Street BarnstarThe Occupy Wall Street Barnstar

Occupy Wall Street

The Pharmacology Barnstar
{{subst:The Pharmacology Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Pharmacology BarnstarThe Pharmacology Barnstar

WikiProject Pharmacology

The Police Barnstar
{{subst:The Police Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Police BarnstarThe Police Barnstar

WikiProject Law Enforcement and WikiProject Law

The Pornography Barnstar
{{subst:The Pornography Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Pornography BarnstarThe Pornography Barnstar

WikiProject Pornography

The Psychology Barnstar
{{subst:The Psychology Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Psychology BarnstarThe Psychology Barnstar

WikiProject Psychology

The Spoken Barnstar
{{subst:The Spoken Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Spoken BarnstarThe Spoken Barnstar

WikiProject Spoken Wikipedia

The Science Barnstar
{{subst:The Science Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Science BarnstarThe Science Barnstar

WikiProject Science

The SpongeBob Barnstar
{{subst:The SpongeBob Barnstar|message ~~~~}} SpongeBob BarnstarThe SpongeBob Barnstar

WikiProject SpongeBob SquarePants

The Sport Barnstar
{{subst:The Sport Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Sport BarnstarThe Sport Barnstar

WikiProject Sports

The Starfish Barnstar
{{subst:The Starfish Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Starfish BarnstarThe Starfish Barnstar

WikiProject Biology

The Toy Barnstar
{{subst:The Toy Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Toy BarnstarThe Toy Barnstar

WikiProject Toys

The Transhumanism Barnstar
{{subst:The Transhumanism Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Transhumanism BarnstarThe Transhumanism Barnstar

WikiProject Transhumanism

The Video Game Barnstar
{{subst:The Video Game Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Video Game BarnstarThe Video Game Barnstar

WikiProject Video games

The Water Polo Barnstar
{{subst:The Water Polo Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Water Polo BarnstarThe Water Polo Barnstar

WikiProject Water Polo

The Wiki Lei Barnstar
{{subst:The Wiki Lei Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Wiki Lei BarnstarThe Wiki Lei Barnstar

WikiProject Polynesia

The Teahouse Barnstar
{{subst:Teahouse Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Teahouse BarnstarThe Teahouse Barnstar

Wikipedia Teahouse

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