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27 BC–AD 395 (unified)[២]
AD 395–476/480 (Western)
AD 395–1453 (Eastern)
ទង់ជាតិ ចក្រភពរ៉ូម
with the imperial aquila
Imperial aquilaចក្រភពរ៉ូម
Imperial aquila
  Roman Empire in AD 117 at its greatest extent, at the time of Trajan's death   vassals[៣][lower-alpha ២]
  Roman Empire in AD 117 at its greatest extent, at the time of Trajan's death
The Roman Empire from the rise of the city-state of Rome to the fall of the Western Roman Empire
The Roman Empire from the rise of the city-state of Rome to the fall of the Western Roman Empire
ស្ថានភាព{{#if: | |ចក្រភព
ភាសាទូទៅRegional languages
រដ្ឋាភិបាលSemi-elective absolute monarchy (de facto)
16 January 27 BC
becomes capital
11 May 330
4 September 476
- Murder of Julius Nepos
9 May 480
12 April 1204
25 July 1261
25 BC[១៦]2750000 គ.ម
AD 117[១៦][១៧]5000000 គ.ម
AD 390[១៦]3400000 គ.ម
▪ 25 BC[១៨]
រូបិយវត្ថុsestertius,[lower-alpha ៥] aureus, solidus, nomisma
Preceded by
Succeeded by

ចក្រភពរ៉ូម​​ (ជាភាសាឡាតាំងImperium romanum) ជាឈ្មោះដែល​ប្រវត្តវិទូដាក់ឱ្យដល់ដំណាក់កាលមួយនៃរ៉ូមពីឆ្នាំ​ ២៧ មុនគ.ស.​ដល់ ៤៧៦​ នៃគ.ស.។

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